This Is England (2002)

this is england“Lovely, lovely, love you for that, that’s fucking great. A proud man, learn from him; that’s a proud man. That’s what we need, man. That’s what this nation has been built on, proud men. Proud fucking warriors! Two thousand years this little tiny fucking island has been raped and pillaged, by people who have come here and wanted a piece of it – two fucking world wars! Men have laid down their lives for this. For this… and for what? So people can stick their fucking flag in the ground and say, “Yeah! This is England. And this is England, and this is England.””

Recenzie pe 21ART.


3 thoughts on “This Is England (2002)

  1. Am citit recenzia de pe 21 art și cred că e un film ce merită vizionat, mai ales în condițiile actuale de emigrare în Anglia. Plus că,umorul englezesc mi-a plăcut întotdeauna, mai ales pentru nuanța caustică 🙂

    1. desigur un film care merita vazut mai ales ca e bine cotat, o sa fii surprinsa ce bine se potriveste “discursul” despre emigrare pentru zilele noastre…cat despre umor nu e chiar din aceea categorie placuta dar totusi are cateva nuante pozitive daca ii poti zice asa 😀

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