„Pina was a painter.She consistently questioned us.That’s how we become the paint, to colour her images. I despicted the word with my body so that she could see and feel it”

„The tiniest detail matters. It’s all a language that you can learn to read.”

„Pina had the most penetrating eyes! Everything I tried or pretend to be disappered under her gaze”

„She combined fragility and strength.She was also capable of endlessly listening and watching, and overcoming all her limits. So i imagine her like house with a huge attic full of treasures.”

„I try to imagine Pina, in her pain, but also in her strength and her loneliness…”

„You always felt more than just human working with Pina…turn everything we do into something even more beautiful. To be old and a child at the same time.”

„Pina taught us to stand for what we do,  for every gesture, every step and every move.”

„Sometimes she said things like: „Go on searching!” But that was all she said. It meant you had to keep searching without knowing were to look, nor whether you were on the right track.”

„For Pina, the elements were very important. Wether sand or soil, stones or water…When we dance, they become..obstacles.You have to go angaist or trough them, or climb over them…”


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