Lista favorita

Ma incumet si eu la o lista alfabetica din partea Adinei:

A Apocalypse now

B Brooklyn Rules

C Cidade de Deus

D Double Indemnity

E Eu cand vreau sa fluier,fluier

F Fight Club

G Gang of New York

H Harry Potter(intreaga franciza daca tot s-a terminat)

I Inception

J Jarhead

K Kramer Vs. Kramer

L Lord of War

M Mean Streets 

N No Country for Old Man

O Oldboy

P Papillion

Q Quiet Man,the

R Revolutionary Road

S Smokin’ Aces

T The Departed

U Up

V Vanilla Sky

W We Were Soldiers

Z Zodiac

Si dau mai departe 🙂 :Marian,Maria, Ars Cinematica,Hiroblog, ,Laura,Doru,Roland,Sebi,Josephine,Mr. Cacadu,Lucian,Ana,Klausen,Andres,Bibliophile,Pshychedeliic,Art-club,Zombierama

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