Going The Distance

“Now, look, I have done the long distance thing. And it is hard. As hell. And it doesn’t matter how good the relationship is, it literally can just rip it apart. Look, it is just very hard to be away from the person you love for months at a time.

“back” cu  o “dedicatie” din partea mea cu o incurajare pentru un prieten… sa vedem ce iese 🙂 :

Going the Distance se vrea a fi o comedie romantica care transmite intr-o oarecare masura sensibilitatea existenta in povestea celor doi protagonisti inamorati dar intr-o relatie “la distanta” (dupa cum ne sugereaza si titlul)…

Pe langa  romantism si dragostea “din aer”, filmu compenseaza cu umor superior calitativ gata sa te binedispuna.

Si astfel avem o relatie la kilometri distanta unde putem observa cum decurg lucrurile asa rezumativ si la nivel teoretic intr-un scenariu tipic hollywoodian…un feel-good movie care incurajeaza relatiile de la distanta… :))

totu e posibil de ce sa nu fie  ? 🙂

“He’s thousands of miles away from here. You don’t know what he’s doing right now. He could be in some bar, doing shots with some sexy bartender dry humping her.


5 thoughts on “Going The Distance

    1. @andres scenariu simplu menit sa relaxeze “audienta”
      @roland prea complicate lucrurile, ar trebuie sa fie dispus/a sa faca asta,articolu ce sa zic scump domnule :))

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